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    My vote is for Amelia Joy! I think it's stunning, pleasing to the eye, soft yet strong to stand up with Zara. Isadora is nice I love it since its in my list but I don't like the sound of Iz and Zara together like IZadora and Zara. I like Amelia and Zara! Gorgeous.
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    I also vote for Amelia! I don't care for Isadora. It seems very stern to me.

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    I'd go feminine with Zara's sister - names like Adela, Celeste, Delia, Eva, Fiona, Gemma, Kaia, Lucinda, Luna, Miranda, Stella...

    Joy is a great one syllable middle name! Personally, my favorites are Delia, Eva, Gemma, and Miranda with Zara. You could use Belle, Claire, Cate, Jane, May, Pearl, Rose?
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    I think Isadora Joy is great! Some other one syllable mn suggestions: Isadora Wren, Isadora Claire, or Isadora Eve.

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    I think Isadora goes wonderfully with Zara -- they both have a certain spunk and sophistication where some of the others on your list seem a bit more preppy and popular to me. I agree that one syllable middles go best with Isadora. Isadora Jane is my favorite.
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