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    I love it...though I slightly prefer August. The only negative I can think of regarding Augustin, and I may be incorrect on this, but was it the chubby Germanic kid in Charlie & the Chocolate Factory?...or maybe that was Augustus. But probably no longer relevant in any case.

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    Augustin is one of my top choices for a boy, and I live in the US as well. I think it's completely wearable. It sounds a sort of royal, while the nn Gus brings it back down to the real world. August or Augustus are other options if you are still unsure about your pick, but I think Augustin Theodore is just perfect.

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    It's not really my taste. Maybe because my only sibling is named Austin, so I'm a little biased, that I'd suggest going with that instead.

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    Sorry for the late reply, my son has been sick for the past several days so I haven't had time to check nameberry.

    Thank you guys so much for your reassurance that it's not a total out there name I really hate that I mentioned the name to my friend because the comments really are making me rethink it!

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