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    Help! sell me on Augustin?

    I am almost 100 percent positive our next baby (if its a boy) will be named Augustin Theodore. I do really like it and so does my husband and it is so rare to find a boy name we both like. We just have different styles.

    I've mentioned it to a few people and the response has been mixed. My mom loves it (but I think she has great taste in names She named me Annabel 25 years ago before it was popular and was torn between than, Eleanor and Clementine)

    But others I've told have said that it's weird or not really usable in the US. I love the nickname Gus and that is what I would call him a lot of the time. My husband prefers Auggie which is fine too.

    So I really want to make a commitment to the name and just have it set in stone before we start TTC like we did for my son (Leo Alexander) but these comments have me wavering.

    So please help sell the name Augustin to me! Do you like it? Do you think it's over the top? Does it go well with Leo?

    I'd really appreciate it!

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    I think it is a fab name! I don't know why it wouldn't be useable. Have you heard some of the names kids have now?

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    I like it. It reminds me of Austin, but cooler .
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    Augustin sells itself! It's totally wearable. It's not ranked high exactly, but it's been in the top 1000 long enough that it's familiar. I've met two in my life, both cool dudes, one who went by Gus, one who went by Augustin full out. It's an all around fantastic names, and with today's naming trends, no one will bat an eye.

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    It's not my style, but I still think it's totally usable! Gus and Auggie are both great nicknames.

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