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    Quote Originally Posted by spring13 View Post
    I can see the appeal - but it's way too common for boys, beyond that fact that it's quite simply a boys' name. It's one thing to "gender bend" with something very uncommon, but to do it with a name that's in the top 20 on the correct side is taking things a little too far.
    And one that's ranked there for much of modern history (as opposed to Dylan or Ryan for example, which although they've been popular for boys recently have not been consistently high like James has been for centuries; also remember that the long-time high-ranking of names like James was even greater in the past when the top names represented a higher percentage of births).
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    If it's to honor someone, I would just use Jamie ... I actually quite like Jamie for both boys and girls, which is rare for me. But James will always be a boys name (it's my father, grandfather, and great-grandfather's name)

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    I love James on a girl, I think it's wonderful. It's a bit boring for a boy, but still a good name. I like Jamie for both, but not as a given name.

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    I adore the name James for a girl or a boy. It is one of my absolute favorites. I think James for a girl is classy, cool, and just different enough, but not weird. I don't like the name Jamie for a girl, so I would never use that nn. If you want to call her Jamie, then name her Jamie. I like the nn Jimzie much better.

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    Sorry but I can't think of a way to make James not ridiculous on a girl. It's a boy's name. Jamie works better for a girl.

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