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Thread: James

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    Let's not.

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    I prefer it to a girl than on a boy. And I prefer using name like Mason or James for a girl than a name like Ezra or Micah, with the argument that it's okay because they're rare and end in an a sound.

    But I wouldn't really use it in real life. I just wouldn't be using it for a boy either.

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    I couldn't recomend James as a girl's fn. IMO a girl would really resent it and her parents.
    I do know of a girl with James as a mn, Carly James. I always thought it was kind of cute, but it wasn't something that she let be known to everyone. She was named after a grandfather.

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    I've liked James as a middle name for a long time. It's my husband's middle name so I thought it would be cute way to honor that. I don't like the name enough to use as a first, but I would love to meet a little girl James. If she were so devastated (honestly...the replies to these threads are almost amusing) to share a name with boys, she could always go by Jamie or Jem even.
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    I don't like James on a girl at all. I don't understand the trend toward gender-bender names.
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