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Thread: James

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    Quote Originally Posted by scarletrune View Post
    James on a girl is ridiculous.
    Yep. This is why the name Jamesina exists. It's the feminine form of James.

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    I love James for a little girl! It has been on my list for ages. I have yet to find a nice middle name for it. So far I have James Victoria but I don't love it.
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    Perhaps when people start calling their sons Sophia and Lucy then maybe I might consider James for a girl. But until then, James is strictly masculine. Though to me it will always be strictly masculine. It sounds utterly ridiculous on a girl.

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    I advocate for James to remain masculine only.

    Jamie is a good alternative - it is a widely accepted unisex name.
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    It's not my style, but it's okay. I prefer it as a middle name on a girl, for example my friend has a daughter named Naomi James.

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    James Raffaella
    James Penelope

    Basically I think longer names work best in the MN slot, especially ones ending in A or "een" sounds
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