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Thread: James

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    Thanks for sharing your opinions! I don't plan on using the name, a family friend had a baby girl about 6 months ago and named her James Maya. I did not like the name at first, but as little James is growing and showing her personality, i think her name really fits her in a unique way.

    Also, we call her JJ as a nickname and I think it's absolutely adorable!
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    No. Not as a first name. No no no. But as a mn, i think it would be pretty. There is a trend going on right now with giving girls masculine mn's. I love the idea of Caroline James or Felicity James
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    Please no.

    There are so many lovely proper girl's name out there, why the need to keep using solid boy's names like James?!

    As a middle name, it's OK for a girl, but not as a first name.
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    Does this remind anyone else of the Anne of Green Gables books? Someone's name was Jamesina (nn Jimsie) after her deceased father, James. Now, I thought that was awesome, but James is just a little too far fetched for me.
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    Can we please please please leave James for the boys? It's one of my favorite boy names and if it becomes a girl name it will never go back! I do kind of like the masculine middle name trend for girls, though. It seems spunky.

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