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    Middle name for Mila?

    Problem is I'd like to also pass down our boring family middle name of Ann, so this will be a two middle name girl. Would like it to flow. Our last name begins with an Sc.... Any ideas?

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    Sorry for bad English, I am from other country

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    Mila (blank) Ann Sc? It would be great to know how many syllables are in the last name. I'd go with a three syllable middle name to mix things up. To narrow things down, I'd also eliminate any A starting and ending names since it would sounds awkward (ex Mila Ada Ann). Also certain first initials would be a bit of a problem (Mila Ivy Ann Sc - MIA or Mila Elizabeth A - MEA). Three syllable or more girls names that start and end with consonants perhaps like Mila Felicity Ann Sc or Mia Juniper Felicity or Mila Rosemary Ann. I hope that helped.
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