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    I was very anxious during mine, I was just waiting for her to tell me everything was good. I can't said I paid much attention, I was just digging my fnails into Husband's hand. I remember her checking all the physical things; cleft lip, heart chambers, heartbeat, blood vessels, other organs, her limbs and all that, and she confirmed the due date. She was very good, she kept talking through us through the whole scan which helped calm me down. It took about 25 minutes, I think. The gel is cold and sticky, but it's not that bad, I got a wet towel to clean it off. And we got the photo, but we didn't want to know the gender, so we told her that beforehand. But you already know! How fascinating.

    Good luck!
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    Your experience depends greatly on whether a perinatologist performs the scan or a sonographer. Sonographers are prohibited from interpreting the images for you-- the only "diagnosis" they can give you is a non-medical one, gender-- whereas the perinatologists of course can.

    You should remember that unlike recreational ultrasound, the purpose of the anatomy scan is precisely that-- to assess each developing structure in the baby and screen for potentially life-threatening congenital anomalies. As sdsurfmama said, the brain, chamber of the heart & circulation of the blood, spinal column, kidneys, lungs, and femurs are assessed & measured, and if other anomalies appear apparent (say, a cleft palate) they are called to attention. The host of syndromes and diagnoses the anatomy scan tests for is as long as a football field.

    Recreational ultrasound, I'm told, is a much more emotional experience, where the point is to look at your darling cute baby and see if she has dad's nose, is sucking her thumb, is waving at you, etc. The anatomy scan is medical. Of course it, too, is a lovely experience and I found mine to be just great, but it's quite different.

    As for technique-- same thing as before; you're gooped up and the fancy high-res ultrasound machine is used (as opposed to the cheapo Sonosite at each regular office visit). I'd say the average amount of time is 15-20 minutes. You get a big stack of pictures and usually a DVD of the whole thing at the end. It doesn't matter if the baby is awake or sleeping, so unlike, say, a NST nothing is done to stimulate her if she's snoozing through the whole thing, and you don't need to jazz yourself on caffeine or glucose beforehand.
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