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    One more time - help us pick: Linus vs Felix

    I thought we'd settled on Linus, but I'm having reservations. I know most people said name-teasing isn't an issue, but I have images of blue blankets and anus jokes running through my head. On the surface, I love the name. My husband loves it, my 4 year-old daughter likes it, even my midwife's assistant is gunning for it. We have engineering backgrounds, so we both love the Linux/Torvalds and Pauling connections.
    BUT I keep wondering if we should go with the "safer" name of Felix. Slightly more common, fewer well-known characters, still goes well with my daughter's name (Sylvia) and the chosen middle. Ugh.

    So, please humor the 34-week, hormonal, emotional pregnant lady here and vote in my poll (again). And any insight would be appreciated why you pick one over the other. Last name starts with Ch- and rhymes with Journey.
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    I much prefer Linus, I like the handsome intelligence it exudes. I've never really loved Felix for some reason.
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    I like Linus a lot, and I think it's much better than Felix. As far as teasing goes, what about Felix the __ (fe-licks the floor, butt, toilet, d***s, whatever). Also the cat could lead to kids calling him p****. Kids are creative, and will find a way to tease anyone about their name, if they really want to. I think you should stick with Linus

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    Well, I picked Felix before reading your post (oops) because I personally like it best. It feels less clunky to me than Linus, and honestly I think the teasing potential, as others have noted, is about equal for both (but I don't think kids get teased JUST because of a name). If you were torn because you absolutely loved BOTH names, then I'd say Felix. However, after reading your post, I'd 100% say go with Linus. It's seems like Felix is a compromise to you, and that means it's not the right name for your son. Linus seems to be the name you have your heart set on. You love it, your family loves it, so go with it. It goes wonderfully with Sylvia as well (which, btw, I love!)
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    They both have some negatives (Charlie Brown & the blanket for Linus and Felix the cat & 'feel' 'licks'), but I'd still go with Felix.
    Linus feels like the name of a computer program to me. Sort of a cross between dorky Leonard and frilly latinized Linnaeus, the classification guy.

    Felix feels like it's meeting the vintage theme and the dorky/cool theme.
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