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    I like Reece, but Owen Quinn or Owen Jessica would be perfect.

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    Thank you so much for your responses. I appreciate your time! I guess when I said I don't want her to get lost in the crowd, I didn't mean a "stand out" name. I want a name that is in that sweet spot...different, but not too different. Our 2 year old daughter is named Calla Mae, which is "different" here in the Midwest. My friends have named their daughters Peyton, Avery, Emily, Lauren, etc. All really nice names, but all pretty common. I think the only name from my list that won't raise eyebrows is Elle. I love the name Elle on its own, but it seems to sound strange with every middle name I think of. For some reason I have it in my head that is sounds like Spanish (for example, "El Matador"). Elle Claire, Elle Jessica, Elle you see what I mean? Maybe it's just me...hopefully so!

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    Love your list! My thoughts:

    Elle -- Clean and simple. Classic but not boring, still feminine. Very solid choice.
    Rory -- I can't keep from thinking about Rory Gilmore. Which is a pretty good association, but it has a sugary-sweetness for me that I don't love.
    Posey -- I can go either way. It's kind of like Quincy for me, a confident girl can wear it really well.
    Kyle -- LOVE. Perfect on a girl. My best (female) friend is named Tyler. Total boys' name, but she wears it comfortably and it's kind of her trademark. Exact same feel for me. Kyle/Tyler, kinda stale on a boy, 100% fresh on a girl.
    Hayes -- I do like it, but I worry about a kid saying "My name's Hayes" and constantly having it misspelled as "Haze." Still can't help liking it a lot.
    Reeve -- On my short list. It's clean, simple, elegant. It's got a perfect sound. Love one syllable names. Can't go wrong. Favorite on the list. LOVE.
    Owen -- Ooh! Kind of like Kyle for me, but a much softer sound. Almost feels like it's meant to be unisex.
    Colin -- Can't decide how I feel. I don't dislike it. Hm. Can't make up my mind.
    Poppy -- I like it. Very preppy and sweet. A bit girlier than my usual taste, but I still quite like it.

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    The only names I truly love on your list are Rory and Poppy.
    I'd suggest, unless she'll have a long or hyphenated last name, that you lengthen either her first or middle name. To me, a short/long combo stands out more than an opposite-gendered name on a girl (something that's actually pretty trendy right now).

    Using the middle names on your list, my favorite combinations would be Rory Kate (love this one!) or Poppy Quinn.
    Other contenders for me would be Poppy Claire (I prefer Clare spelling), Poppy Liv (prefer Poppy Livia), or even using some of your first name ideas for middles, like Rory Hayes, Poppy Reeve or Poppy Colin (how about Poppy Collins?).

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    I really love Rory Kate and Owen Claire I feel they both have spunk and with the more traditional middles you give your daughter the option of a more feminine name if the unisex isn't for her. I personally love unisex names and I think they can be really special especially when given by a parent who absolutely adores the name. As the wife of a Christin I can say while there are times we get mail addressed to a Ms. or Mrs. he wears his name well and it was given with much thought and love by his mother also he had the option to go by Chris when he was younger and hated his "girly" name.
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