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    North, West, South and East

    I've got a story going about a world kept going by the circumdabit punctis, who are the people in charge of the compass points. The most important people are the North, the West, the South and the East. The North by North East isn't that important. The circumdabit punctis are changed every twenty eight years, ( one every seven years). Unfortunaly, they have all been killed by the Rock and the Scorpion. The heirs to the circumdabit punctis are in their early teens, but still take on their roles.

    North, West are male, and South is a girl, but I'm not too sure about East yet. I don't want their names to be the compass points, but sort of based on them e.g the West is 'Westley'.

    I also need to know: Are Scorpio and Lapis alright for villains?

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