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Thread: Boy nicknames

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    A bit of a stretch, but I like Ophelia with the nickname Lio.
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    Cair Paravel :)
    Quote Originally Posted by lizgingermitch View Post
    Och, love Lou for a girl, too, as a nn. Not necessarily for Louisa, although Louisa nn Lou is cute. I also like Lou for Luna, Lucia, Lucilla, etc. I think Ari is adorable for a girl, too--I didn't really think of it because I still can't for the life of me see Ari on a boy. Still cute, though.
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    My FIL calls my daughter Maura, Mo (like Lo for Laura/Lauren). It's also a nn for Maureen.
    My FIL also calls his great niece Charlotte, Chuck (it reminds me of Pushing Daisies - I loved that show!)
    Kit can be short for Christopher or Katherine.
    Jess can be short for Jesse (M) or Jessica (F).
    Andy for Andrea.
    Alex for Alexandra, Alexa, etc.
    My niece Lexi is sometimes called Lex (I guess that's masculine, like Lex Luthor?)
    Mack for MacKenzie, etc.
    Nat for Natalie.
    Ken for Kendra.
    Sam for Samantha.
    Max for Maxine.
    Jude for Judith.
    Ray for Rachel.

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    My name is Danielle and I'm called Dan among my friends.

    Geraldine nn Gerry
    Edith nn Edie
    Willa nn Will or Billy
    Christine, Christina, Christiana, Christabel (et al) nn Chris
    Cora or Cordelia nn Cory
    Joanna nn Jo
    Samantha nn Sam
    Stephanie nn Stevie
    Roberta nn Robbie or Bobbie
    Lavinia nn Vinnie
    Antonia nn Toni
    Veronica nn Ronnie
    Cassandra nn Cas
    Callista nn Cal
    Patricia nn Pat
    Martina or Martha nn Marty
    Jacqueline nn Jackie
    Nicole nn Nick or Nicky

    Geraldine and Edith are my favorites, of course! Kind of biased there. Sorry for any repeats.
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