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  • Phoebe Clementine Veronica

    43 51.81%
  • Juno Violet Veronica

    34 40.96%
  • India Kitty Veronica

    6 7.23%
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    Mischa I like your suggestions, thank you!

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    India has ugly colonial connotations for me so, pretty though the name is, I would never consider it.

    Both Phoebe and Juno are nice but Juno feels fresher to me, so that's what I picked.
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    I have a Juno, so obviously that's my favorite. I also like Phoebe (I have a cat with that name, actually, and if not, I might have used it for one of my twins). I'm not a fan of double middles; they usually seem like a string of names to me and each one gets a little lost. I really like the idea of Juno Veronica, as the four syllables are nice after the two in Juno (like my Juno Elizabeth). Some other nice choices too!

    Oh, and the movie thing is just not a big deal. It came out five years ago and people rarely mention it when they find out her name. So many names have associations. Lots of people know Phoebe from the Friends character, even though that was years ago. But who cares? It's a lovely name.
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    I love Phoebe! I don't see the appeal of Juno and India. They just aren't pretty.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dottierose View Post
    Mischa I like your suggestions, thank you!
    You're quite welcome! I'm glad you liked them!
    All the best,

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