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  • Phoebe Clementine Veronica

    43 51.81%
  • Juno Violet Veronica

    34 40.96%
  • India Kitty Veronica

    6 7.23%
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    I like India Clementine Veronica.

    Indigo could be an alternative to India.

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    I love Phoebe, but I feel Clementine Veronica is a bit of a mouthful - Phoebe Violet Veronica might work better. I find Juno a bit nicknamey, would prefer June or Juniper nn Juno, and India Kitty just sounds a bit cutesy and odd with two word names - it sounds like she's an Indian cat.

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    Please don't think I'm being horrible!
    I'm not a fan of any of the names besides Clementine, I think it's a stunning name and would be a much better first name.
    The combinations don't work for me. When I say Juno Violet Veronica I feel like I'm naming months, like I'm listing things rather than saying someone's name.
    And India Kitty doesn't sound cute to me, it sounds almost cheap, (if you get what I mean) definitely not something I personally could ever grow attached to.
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    Juno still makes me think of the movie and India has way to much baggage so I vote for Phoebe.

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    Your India combo is lovely, but it's such a controversial name... I like Phoebe much better than Juno, so that one got my vote.
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