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    I like Rosemarie Clair. Rosemary feels drab and weighty next to Amelia & Tallulah

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    With Amelia and Tallulah, I like the idea of another long name ending in -a, of course with a sweet nickname like Millie and Lula! Ideas:

    Eliza - Elzie, Ella, Lizzy, Liza
    Fiona - Fina, Fia, Fae
    Georgiana - Gigi, Georgie, Giana
    Helena - Nell, Nellie, Lena, Leni
    Isadora - Issy, Izzy, Dora, Sadie
    Katharina - Kat, Katie, Katia, Kit, Kitty
    Margaretta - Maggie, Meg, Retta, Greta
    Ramona - Romy, Roma, Mona
    Susannah - Sosie, Sunny, Annie, Lily
    Viola - Vi, Vivi, Vio, Lola

    Some of these nicknames don't work so well with Tallulah "Lula" - Lena, Lola. Tallulah could always be Tula!
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    I love Tallulah June and Juliette Faye, but I would have Etta as a nn for Juliette. Jules is nice too, but I think Etta is more timeless and elegant. Good luck

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    I like Rosemary Claire. I also thought of Mabel or Mabelline with a nickname Mae.

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