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    Hugo and Huck are my favorites from your list.
    i'm seventeen and i think everyone deserves to have sincere thought put into their name.
    girls - hero, sawyer, oona, ellis, rita, dolores, esther, kennedy, thea.
    boys - oscar, abraham (abe), arthur, paul, israel, howard (hal), buddy (bud), peter, sam.

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    I like Huxley and Hugo!
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    Heath is my favorite H name!

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    Hugo --- love, super cute.
    Hogan --- not a fan.
    Homer --- Simpsons association too strong for me unfortunately, though I love him dearly.
    Huck --- adorbs! Too close to Hudson, in my opinion.
    Huxley --- not a fan. My friend's dog is named Huxley, though, so that may be the issue. I think Huxley and Hudson are too close for comfort anyway.
    Hill --- At first I was like "wha??" and then I was all, "yaaaaa." This has grown on me the more I've seen it and said it in my head. I can imagine it on a pretty cool kid.
    Hooper --- decent. I like it. Mucho bueno than Cooper
    Harry --- Cute but you've already got a Henry.

    My suggestions:

    --As an alternative for Harry, how about Harris or Harrison? I'm particularly fond of Harris since it's my last name but it's such a masculine name. I like it. I hate it as a last name, but would love it if I saw it as a first name.
    --- Close to Harris: Hollis. I think it's a really cool name.
    --- A personal favorite and plan to use it somehow: Hart. I would use it as a nickname for Hartsel (family name), but this is probably too similar to Harvey.
    --- Heath of course. Such a solid name, and I have nothing but positive associations with it.

    Final votes:

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