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    From your list, my favourite by far is Hugo...such a spunky, cool, "now" kind of choice, and I like that it's distinctive from your other boys' names. When you're going with a same-letter theme, it's important to keep the names distinctive from each other in other ways. Already having 2 ending with a 'y', I'd avoid Harry (especially since it's a nn for Henry!) and Huxley. I think Hill is a little TOO different from your other sons' name.

    I like other berries' suggestion of Harrison too, and I think Harris is also handsome.

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    Heath is my favorite H name!

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    You berries are the bomb! Thanks for all the feedback and great ideas. I love Hugo, but hubby is not crazy about it....I'm working on him! Although I love Holden too (and the Catcher in the Rye), one of my best friends has a daughter named Holdyn so I think I need to avoid that. I do really like Huxley with Huck or Hux as a NN. I also like the idea of using a different vowel as the second letter too but there a very few HI's and not many HO's that I really like. Thanks again for your help!

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    Love Hugo!

    I never really saw anything with Hill Harper in it, but I was watching some other show on CBS a couple months ago and saw a PSA with Hill Harper in it for Black History Month, or something similar, and it struck me how cool Hill Harper was as an actual name, and it made me really appreciate Hill. I'm not sure about Hill on its own, though--something like Hill Mackenzie or Hill Oliver doesn't have quite the same pizzazz as Hill Harper (or even Hill with another "H" surname). Maybe it could work. I do like it. But I think it's a pretty brave choice, and I'd be happy to meet a little boy named Hill, even if some others wouldn't be.
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