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    I like Hugo a lot. It's the only one from your list I really like, except for Harry which I love, but wouldn't use because its too close to Harvey and Henry.

    Other ideas... Howard, Hunter, Hector?

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    Heber, Hezekiah and Heman are all from the Bible...but I'm in the Hugo/Homer camp!. Also, there's Hunt, Hunter, Humphrey, Holden, Hanson, Hamilton and Hardy.

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    Some people are worth melting for.

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    Huxley is a great name! Second fave is Hugo. What about Harrison?
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    I like Hugo from your list. I second Harrison - you could use the nn Harry. Some suggestions - Hamish, Harlan/Harley, Hamilton, Hawthorne, Horatio, Hadley, Hank, Hylan/Hyland, Holt, Halwood and Harding.
    Good luck in finding a 'H' name for your little man!

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