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    less than 4 weeks to go- still no name

    Okay, it's getting close and we are still far from having a name for our baby. I'm hoping some feedback from all of you might help! We have it narrowed down to this list:

    Luca (my husband has vetoed this but I am maybe possibly wondering if I could get him to change his mind... Does it even work with our girls names or should I just let it go?)

    Our daughters are Sophie and Violet. Please tell me which names you like and also which names work (and don't work) with our daughters names as a sibset. I like simple and classic names but also worry that a few of our options feel tired/boring. My husband's first choice would be Jack or James but I'm not sure... I think I would probably choose Oliver (or August. Or Luca...) but I'm feeling more and more indecisive as my due date gets closer...

    Thanks as always for your naming help!
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    I like Oliver best with Sophie and Violet. They feel like they have a similar level of popularity. All three have O I and E in them, so they look like they go together. You'd also have a very subtle color-theme, which is nice without being too matchy. I think Oliver James is a nice combo and could be a good compromise between names you and your husband like.

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    Oliver- Loooove.
    Jack- Cute, but I've heard of so many Jacks these days that I'm concerned about popularity.
    August- Not really my style, but I love the nn Gus.
    James- Very sophisticated and classic, but again with the popularity.
    Asher- Love.
    Rowan- Like, not love.
    Luca- Very nice, but if your husband is worried about it, maybe suggest Lucas?

    I don't really think you can go wrong with any of these, but my favorites are Oliver and Asher, with Jack in third.
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    Great names on your list! I love Sophie and Violet too!
    August is one of my faves, so that would be my pick. Rowan is pretty awesome too! I know a little ginger boy named Rowan.
    Maybe Rowan Oliver?

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    With Sophie and Violet I really love James, Jack, or Oliver. James Oliver is very handsome.
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