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  • Anna Caroline Joy

    19 28.79%
  • Grace Caroline "Gracie"

    10 15.15%
  • Natalie Anne

    7 10.61%
  • Natalie Josephine

    18 27.27%
  • Madeline Joy

    12 18.18%
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Thread: THE Poll-

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    THE Poll-

    O.K. after several hours at it, we are ready to get feed back on the ones that we are serious about! I am so appreciative to everyone's help... this has been quite the journey, but I feel it wrapping (I do not want to drag this out like I did with our last baby, drove myself crazy!!)
    So here are our serious contenders. Please vote, and leave comments on why you like what you like, but please do not give anymore suggestions. as a reminder our other children are: Maggie, Jonah, Kelsey-Rose, Emma, Mary-Elizabeth, Levi, Isaiah, Sophie-Claire, Sarah Katherine and Serena
    Thank you!!
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    Ah! This is hard! Let me work backwards.

    I'd eliminate Grace Caroline. I get he loves Grace, but it's part of Emma's name and you haven't repeated parts of anybody else's name yet, so why now?!

    Next, and this is tough because this name is gorgeous, I'd eliminate Anna Caroline Joy. After Serena, I'd like to see a name with less similar sounds.

    Ultimately, the three I come back to are Natalie Anne, Natalie Josephine, and Madeline Joy...

    I do like Madeline with your kids' names, but Madeline has had her heyday. It's a pretty combination, but my next to go.

    Leaving...Natalie! I honestly can't pick between Anne and Josephine! Josephine makes sense because its longer and therefore seems to fit with the longer names many of your girls have. But I know hubby loves Anne, and there's something about the the simplicity of Natalie Anne E. I like! Either one is great. :-)

    (I voted Natalie Josephine, though...)
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    moving to new account with username I like more... since we can't just change them

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    I would pick either Anna Caroline Joy or Natalie Josephine. I voted for Anna Caroline, though, so that Sarah Katherine isn't the only un-hyphenated double.

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    Natalie Josephine got my vote, but I'm almost equally drawn to Natalie Anne. Natalie just feels perfect for your family.
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