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Thread: March River

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    Much too wordy - I'm not a fan of month names at all (besides August) and as it's already been said, they're two separate names that don't flow together.
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    Yeah, I find this very wordy too. I think one word name per combination is fine, any more and it sounds a bit too much.

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    I actually like it. I just put March on my Boys Middle list, and River has been on both girls and boys lists for forever. I do like River March more than March River, though, and I can see where people would think it was wordy. Maybe try adding a classic boys' name in there, so River was the second, to break it up a bit.

    March Theodore River
    March Samuel River
    March William River
    March Anthony River
    March Nicholas River

    or flip it around:

    River David March
    River Christopher March
    River Thomas March
    River Benjamin March
    River Jacob March
    River Matthew March

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    I like it. Tough I prefer River as first name.
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    March River doesn't flow very well, but I love River, and though I had never considered March, I like it. It would probably sound better with a three syllable middle name, though. And River March might work with a three syllable last name.

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