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    I'd go with the likely spelling of Wynn since it'll save your daughter a lifetime of saying "that's Wynne with an E". The simplest way is often the easiest and most likely way.

    How many syllables are in the surname and what's the last initial? Since the first name is one syllable, I'd go more more syllables in the middle name but have it differing than the surname. Differing syllables for each part just sounds better and less monotone so like 1-3-2 or 1-2-3. You also don't want initials that spell anything like Wynn Audrey Smith (WAS).

    Also with such a unique sex last name for a first, I like the fact that you went with an obvious girl name? Wynn Audrey (blank) is better than Wynn Brooks (blank) since you wouldn't know what sex the person is.
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