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    Wynn(e) as a first name?

    Would love to hear thoughts on Wynne (or Wynn) as a first name for a girl. Also your thoughts on the first-middle combo we're considering:

    Wynne Audrey

    Most people I think would go the other way around -- Audrey Wynne -- but we are leaning toward the former.

    So, wise berries: is Wynne strong enough to be a first name? (We don't love Winifred or any other longer versions of Wynne that we can think of, but we really love Winnie or Wynnie as a nn.)

    Do you like the first name/middle name combo of Wynne Audrey?

    Any preference on Wynne or Wynn spelling?

    Thank you in advance!

    - Courtney (mom to Beatrix "Bea" Lily)

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