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    Rachel or Ivy? Two faves at the moment...

    Very different, I know, but these are the two most on my mind lately. Middle names are Irish (my main point of criteria) and the particular ones I chosen here have some non direct significance-- that's not a requirement though. I like the flow of both names but am just unsure which direction to go. Rachel is nothing surprising as I've heard it all my life but I love it and I think it'd be cool for this little one... She'd likely be the only one in her class with it. Ivy is my only "trendy" name on my list... I have just always loved it. I don't know any Ivys myself but I imagine I will hear of a few when my kids hit school age. Which do you like best and why?

    Rachel Moira McCarthy
    Ivy Kathleen McCarthy

    (McCarthy is not my last name, but it's similar enough to give idea of flow).

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    I also love Rachel! And Ivy is becoming common since Beyonce used it.

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    I like Rachel much more as a fn and I love Rachel Moira.
    Zoe Milena and Lucas Emmanuel

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    Should note that siblings are Mason Patrick and Brenna Claire. But for me, both names compliment the sibset well

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