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    I like Rhett the best from your list. The others are a bit much for me.

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    I like Xio!!!
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    Thanks for the feedback everyone! Looks like the favorite is Rhett here My husband loves that name and I do like it but it is so much more popular than I feel comfortable with. And I feel like to doesn't go with Zeeten as well. I do love Rhett Naj together though. I just wish it were off the radar in name land. Zypher is added to my list too, I like it a lot but one of my favorite movies (Knight and Day) has strong ties to the name so its hard to not think of the movie. Anyone have input on Tarquin/Tarkin? We both love the name but hate that its a "bad guy" name. Thanks again!

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    I like Tarkin better than Tarquin.

    Tarkin Naj sounds really cool. Tarkin and Zeeten are kind of matchy-matchy, but that doesn't matter much.
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