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    LN: Graham

    DH: James Henry
    Career: Coastguard
    Interests: puzzles, the saxophone, camping, and ancient Greece
    Skills: singing and baking

    DW: Sophie Elisabeth
    Career: Literary Agent
    Interests: Shakespeare, candle-making, and theater
    Skills: playing the flute, climbing, and diplomacy


    DS: Elijah Thomas
    Interests: playing pranks, oceanography, planes, and ancient Rome
    Skills: hunting, knitting, and drawing

    DD: Caroline Isabel
    Interests: fairy tales, goldfish, and mathematics
    Skills: drawing, photography, and voice impressions

    DD: Serena Charlotte
    Interests: mathematics, gymnastics, and chocolate
    Skills: interior design, playing the piano, and ballroom dancing

    DD: Bridgette Claire
    Interests: strategy games, mittens, sledding, and foxes
    Skills: calligraphy, carpentry, and ballet dancing

    DS: Maxwell Conrad
    Interests: Old castles, woodworking, and vampires
    Skills: acting and cryptography

    DD/DD: Violet Ramona and Pearl Talullah
    Interests: Byronic Heroes, breakdancing, and social justice (Violet); Oceanography, swordfighting, and butterflies (Pearl)
    Skills: Swimming and playing the violin (Violet); Poetry, sewing, and strategizing (Pearl)

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    DH: James Lawrence Novak
    Career: Events Organiser
    Interests: Goats, aliens & hamsters.
    Skills: Heavy lifting, playing the drums & identifying plants.

    DW: Elizabeth Jean Novak [nee Stewart]
    Career: Osteopath
    Interests: Stained glass arts & nifty hats.
    Skills: Climbing & painting.

    DS: Zachary Thomas Novak
    Interests: Merpeople, calligraphy, birdhouses & old music.
    Skills: Baking, cooking & public speaking.

    DD: Victoria Lucille Novak
    Interests: Dogs and flashy pop singers.
    Skills: Skating, pyrotechnics & inventing.

    DD: Anna Charlotte Novak
    Interests: Card games, gothic literature & philosophy.
    Skills: Poetry & skating.

    DD: Layla Claire Novak
    Interests: Rugged action heroes & astronomy.
    Skills: Embroidery, playing the guitar & being stealthy

    DS: Gregory Maxwell Novak
    Interests: Birdwatching, pyrotechnics & robotics.
    Skills: Wrapping presents & boxing.

    DD/DD: Cassandra Pearl & Rosemarie Joanne Novak
    Interests: Ants, ferrets & proper etiquette [Cassandra], Beetles, crystal balls, clocks & pirates [Rosemarie]
    Skills: Packing things & acting [Cassandra], Playing the drums, lip reading, juggling & knot-tying.
    Favourites: Nathaniel James , Theodore Rupert, Sebastian Arthur, Benjamin Charles
    Rosalie Pearl, Victoria Claire, Amelia Charlotte, Joanna Edith

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    Oct 2014
    Evie, Isabelle (Issie), Charlotte (Lottie), Sophie, Lillie, Madison (Maddie), Alice

    Charlie, George, Oliver, Oscar, Noah, Harvey, Finlay (Finn)

    Evie Rose, Noah James, Oscar Thomas, Charlotte "Lottie" Mia, Sophie Flora, Isabelle "Issie" Mae, Charlie Max

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