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    We do all have our biases, from an Australian perspective a Chiropractor claiming to be a 'doctor too' as a form of equivalence to an (assumed) Medical Doctor with specialist training is an extraordinary concept, but health care cultures differ markedly between countries.

    I know many excellent midwives and have seen them deliver healthy babies (in hospitals) and where the birth was uncomplicated presumably that would have been fine anywhere, but you don't know that it will be uncomplicated.
    I have seen things get complicated, quickly.
    I think people underestimate the value of interventions when they are needed (even if that is rarely!).

    I would also point out that Blade created a new thread for this information rather than posting in a homebirth thread etc. and was very diplomatic in her wording. It was kind of her to make this information available, as it is behind a journal paywall, it can be hard to stay up to date with current research without access to a uni library or similar.

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    Natural birth and educated options just happens to be one of my knee-jerk triggers because I'm so passionate about it IRL.

    And I don't know about other countries, but in my state in the US, my license names me as a "physician." I have all the same rights and responsibilities as an MD except I am not allowed to prescribe pharmaceutical drugs or perform surgery (which includes actually delivering babies). Otherwise, my scope of practice states that I can treat all human ailments. The freedom I have in my scope of practice is one of the reasons I've chosen to live/practice where I do because other states can be very different.
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    I'm a little confused why people are now accusing Blade of posting "opinions" that may not be merited because she isn't an OB.... That's not what I got out of the OP. I was under the impression that the post was a fairly objective summary of a very recent (huge) study that came out. Why does it matter if she hasn't attended a ton of births? Any Tom, Dick, or Harry could have posted this thread and it wouldn't matter, because the thread states objective facts.

    I'm just confused. I think people get defensive because they see FACTS that don't line up with their view of things. No need to get uptight! We are just trying to look objectively at the findings of this study. At least, that's what I'm trying to do. Who cares who posted it? Even if they DID have an agenda, it doesn't matter. Because its a sampling of facts. It is a FACT that whatever % of home/hospital births have these issues.

    And for the record, I'm extremely open to alternative forms of birthing. I've looked into midwives, birth centers, and home birth myself. I have no problem if someone else chooses to go that route, although I likely will not. I do have a problem with inferring the OP has ulterior motives and may not be as qualified as you'd like to post this thread. That is asinine to me.
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    I don't have Facebook, but I believe '+1' is the modern way of expressing how I feel about your post tintri.

    That is fascinating smismar, so a physician in all but the treatment and intervention parts of doctoring.
    Can you specialise? Are there consultant Chiropractors in the States?
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    As a student midwife it would be interesting to see what the stats are like for the UK where I am training. From the research I have read applying to the UK, low risk women are more likely to have a good outcome at home or in a a midwifery led unit than in a obstetric led unit. However, high risk women have much better outcomes with obstetricians present. Our system in the UK allows easy access to homebirth on the NHS and as such there are probably better provisions for transfer to hospital if required than in the US. Also here all midwives are trained to the same high degree standard and have to undertake continuing professional development throughout their careers, leading to safer maternity care. Or at least that's the idea!
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