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    Just had a flashback to stats class - the horror!

    Thanks for posting the information Blade. As someone currently TTC, it is very beneficial.

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    C&P; I don't remember exactly how many my doctor said, but I think it was 45 out of 100 first baby home births that were brought to hospital, and 12 out of 100 for second or subsequent babies. Also serious injuries/death is extremely rare, so I think it's better over here. But we've got free health care, so I guess that's a part of it too.

    It sounds so much more relaxing at home! Especially when you already have a child, and we'll be in our new home by then (if we get the house we want we'll be really far away from a hospital with a maternity ward). I just hope I'll find a nice midwife out in faerieland!
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    My best friend is due to have a baby any day now and she is having a natural birth in a hospital, because she is well aware of how bad home births can go. She was born at home (as 90% of my friends/acquaintances were) and her mom was very confident about it because her brother was such an easy birth, she pushed for like 15 minutes and he was out with no issues. My friend on the other hand, turned out to be a very complicated birth and her shoulders got stuck. Her mom (and her, probably) almost died. Her midwife was a friend who was a nurse practitioner (she worked at a women's clinic and mostly performed abortions) knew what to do somehow and got her out in time. I think everyone should have the right to have a home birth if they want one, but just know the facts and be prepared if anything goes wrong.

    Here is my opinion/thoughts on home birth via Patton Oswalt. Some foul language and crudeness, just a warning. Blade, I think you'll like this.
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    Thanks blade a good reminder to everyone as these stats clearly state that it is MUCH more dangerous to have a home birth than a hospital birth.

    I had extremely complicated problems with my pregnancies and I would not have survived without a doctors intervention and neither would my babies.

    Please ladies go to a hospital birthing centre where you have the midwives and the doctors on hand to help you.

    And if you are considering a home birth think again make sure you have all the facts, and especially do not do it as an economy measure.

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    Thanks for posting this, stats are more than just the headlines and people forget that often hospital stats include the worst case scenarios that need to be rushed to hospital and indeed the cases where the birth was high risk (outside multiples and prems as you pointed out Blade). With this considered if the outcomes for each setting were only equally good/bad...think of what an excellent job those doctors and nurses in the hospitals are doing with all those tricky cases! Pregnancy and childbirth were and continue to be killers of women (check out international stats ladies), just because they're natural doesn't make them nice or safe.

    I was a (first time!) home birth and just feel so lucky that nothing went wrong! I can't believe for a second that my mum had all the facts >.> I love her dearly but that was not her best choice (She was 30 and obese! Who let that happen???!).

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