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    August is wonderful, I love it! It sounds warm and wise. And Gus is a great nickname for a spunky little kid.

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    I have never liked August. I know it's a name with history, class and substance (and cute nn Gus) but I just cannot like it. I would, however, think that the parents put a lot of thought into the name and respect their decision, and quite possibly feel that the name suits him down to a T. As much as I dislike August, it's a legit name spelled correctly which is more than can be said for a number of names these days.

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    I love the name August! I think it's stunning. Plus, you get the cutest nn.
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    I love August as a name and know a little 4 yr old by that name. He's adorable and I was in equal measures psyched to meet him and disappointed that his parents 'stole' my name. (Yes, yes, I know.) any-who, beautiful, handsome and super awesome name for a little trouble maker of any age.

    PS: I love Auggie as a nn and rather dislike Gus (just reminds me of chubby-not-so-bright Gusgus from Disney's Cinderella.)
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