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    SO and I cannot agree.

    SO and I are about to begin TTC, so, naturally, the issue of names has come up and our tastes could not be more different. Alas, I am here, hoping my fellow berries can make some genius suggestions that we can both agree on. Any help would be appreciated

    Boys - Damon, Skye, Dimetri, John, Luke, Stephen, and Carlisle

    Girls - Kathrina, Scarlet, Lindsey, Rosemarie, Beth, and Emerald

    Boys - Hudson, Beckett, Finley, Fletcher, and Wesley

    Girls - Emma, Charlotte, Eloise, and Jillian

    We managed to agree on Emma for a girl, actually. And we agreed we would both be okay with Annemarie. But we need more options, future sibling name options, and BOY NAMES. Our lists are just prototypes to convey our style, we want to avoid names that start with R and/or end in N as the baby's surname will be Riden.

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    Awe Sweetie, you both deserve better than name you are both "okay" with.
    Right now it feels like you like a lot of LN for FN's for boys and classic clean names for girls while he seems to be more drawn to fussier girls names and random boys names. lol. (I can see how that's a challenge).

    My SO and I don't really agree on names either, but I got him to take this quiz and it helped me better understand what he might like and what category of names might work for both of us. (I'm more adventurous and vintage inspired and he's more classic and modern).

    I'd suggest both taking the quiz and then maybe challenging yourselves to find name you like that fit more in the others style-zone. You'll probably have a blast doing this and he'll might find it tedious so if you set a number of names to find over a week or two (like 20-40 each) you might find something you both really like.

    If you want to take the quiz and let me know where you stand I'd enjoy giving suggestions.
    Currently I'd want to suggest Elena, Wilson, Samantha, Jonathan, Tabitha and Camden.
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    I agree with lexiem. You need a name that both of you would be super proud of and love. And if Emma and Annemarie or Rosemarie isn't those type of names, then you need to keep searching until it hits you. (:

    Boys - Gabriel, Barnabas or Barnaby, Boaz, Alexander, Fort, River, and Jay.

    Girls - Juna, Scarlet, Millie, Teagan, Vila, Sam, Lilith, and Adecyn.

    Also! Out of lexiem's list, I would definitely think about Camden and Elena. Lovely names!
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    With regard to his list, you may want to point out a few things. Skye tends more toward the girl's side. I'm not sure about that spelling of Dmitri. Also with a mega-popular name like Emma she won't be the only one in her class to have it and will likely go with your last initial forever in school being Emma R. I'd also steer clear of word names since with the Riden last name it may sound more like a thing being verbed (ex. Grace Riden or Mark Riden). There's a list I believe called something like Dads Prefer Than Moms which you could look into.
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