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    If you like the name, use it! I'm not a fan of the spelling, but I like the sound. Maybe I would make it the original Lachlan , even for a girl. People doubted my name choice and I'm glad I didn't listen and stuck with it. I would hate for you to feel pressured to choose something else!
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    While I'm not really a fan of Locklyn Hope myself, I have to agree with the pp in that don't let anyone talk you out of a name unless they have a very valid reason. Locklyn/Lachlan being an a male name isn't really what I'd call a valid reason, more of a style difference.

    I do like the spelling Lachlan better though, just imo. -lyn has never been a name suffix that looks appealing to my eyes
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    Have you considered Laken? I like that much better for a girl. I'm afraid I agree with the others. I don't like Locklyn. Sorry.

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