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    Name for my baby girl

    I'm having a baby girl in August and we are currently discussing names. My husband really likes Locklyn. We're thinking about going with Locklyn Hope. Thoughts?

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    Oh, please don't! It is a masculine name with a horribly trendy spelling. I would keep looking.

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    I find Locklyn really quite harsh. The original Lachlan, for a boy, is a handsome Gaelic name.

    Maybe you might try Larkin, Leighton, or Linden instead? Depending on the length of your last name, Hope could work well. Linden is my favorite - "Linny" - and Linden Hope is perky and sweet.

    If you have a shorter last name but still like virtue names, try Felicity or Mercy for a middle name.

    Or, names that feel like Hope you could try are Annabel, Caroline, Emma, Faith, Grace, Hannah, Isabelle, Isla, Julianna, Lucy, Madeline, Maggie, Olivia, Paige, Rose, Sarah, Sage, Tess, Victoria, and Violet.

    Linden Grace
    Linden Julianna
    Linden Sarah

    Larkin Emma
    Larkin Isla
    Larkin Paige

    Leighton Isabelle
    Leighton Rose
    Leighton Victoria
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    I would have to say I am in agreement. Locklyn is definitely a misspelling of Lachlan which is a boy's name. I would say Linden (like Lyndon) and Leighton are both unisex or just plain boys' names. You might like: Lark, Larkin, Lenore, Lenora, Linnea (lih-NAY-uh), Eleanor, Lillian, Liliana, Lillia, etc.

    Hope is a very cute middle name!
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    It is a boys name. Lachlan. It really isn't supposed to pronounced Lock - lyn. More like Lock - len.
    A celebrity used this name and I cringed. I think it was Vince Vaughn...
    I think there is potential for teasing with this name. Kids might say: Lock Lyn in a closet or something.
    Sorry, but I don't think it is a good name and I am sure you knew it wouldn't get much love here.
    I like lemon's suggestion of Leighton. Leighton is technically a boy's name too, but has always seemed girly to me. I really like it.
    I like Linden too and the nn Lindy is super cute! So I like it better for a girl, even though it is an old-fashioned boy's name.
    Larkin sounds better for a boy though, but is better than Locklyn, in my opinion. It has the nn Lark. Nn Lock would just be weird.
    If you like the lyn/len ending there are lots of other names.
    You might like:
    Hope is a lovely middle though.

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