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    Gwyneth Mercedes Weld

    What's wrong with the name Gwyneth Mercedes Weld? The syllable count is ok with 2-3-1. GMW seem like fine initials. It's not too unique or common with a simple understanding. Although I feel like I should like it, my instant reaction is that combo just doesn't work but I'm not sure why. Please let me know what you'd change and why. Thanks!
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    It doesn't work because Mercedes almost seems comical next to the lovely Gwyneth. They are too far off in style.

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    I think of the Virgin Mary (Mary of Mercy or Maria de las Mercedes) when I see Mercedes but sadly the luxury car brand now seems to be the first thing that many people see. Gwyneth Mercedes Weld sounds good to me.
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    Hmm...maybe what you are sensing it that the combo is a little too heavy, almost toward the clunky side. Gwyneth and Mercedes are fine names, but put together with your last name, they just sound too serious or heavy.

    I don't know what other lighter names you would like, but here are a few for illustration:
    Gwyneth Aria Weld
    Gwyneth Liliana Weld
    Gwyneth Charlotte Weld
    Gwyneth Carys Weld
    Gwyneth Dahlia Weld
    Gwyneth Elena Weld

    Hope that helps!
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    In theory, it should work, but the styles do seem garishly different.

    Gwyneth Caroline Weld
    Gwyneth Catriona Weld
    Gwyneth Diana Weld
    Gwyneth Eleanor Weld
    Gwyneth Fiona Weld
    Gwyneth Georgiana Weld
    Gwyneth Harriet Weld
    Gwyneth Isobel Weld
    Gwyneth Jessamy Weld
    Gwyneth Louisa Weld
    Gwyneth Margaret Weld
    Gwyneth Regina Weld
    Gwyneth Tallulah Weld
    Gwyneth Victoria Weld

    Or, if Mercedes is what you really want, maybe something like:

    Ana Mercedes Weld
    Bianca Mercedes Weld
    Clara Mercedes Weld
    Eva Mercedes Weld
    Lucille Mercedes Weld
    Mila Mercedes Weld
    Piper Mercedes Weld
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