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    Talking Name for my baby girl?

    Hi! New on Nameberry...Excited to be here! Well, I am 36 weeks pregnant with my first child. Its a little girl. I need to make a last minute baby name decision. Here's what I have in mind:

    -Ava Layne

    -Belle Rose

    -Katelynn Rose

    -Harlynn Marie

    -Isabella Rose

    -Alice Eugenie

    -Logan Nicole

    -Merida Marie

    -Sawyer Belle

    Which is your favorite? I love them all equally, so it's hard for me to choose. Any other suggestions?


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    Alice and Belle are my favourites! I prefer Isabelle to Isabella but you could still get the nickname Belle/Bella from either and their both lovely names

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    Hi Ann! Welcome to Nameberry.

    -Ava Layne -- This is a really pretty combo. Feminine but strong.

    -Belle Rose -- Both of these names are nice, but the flow of the combo isn't great because both names are so short. Belle Alice, Belle Sawyer, and Belle Merida would be better.

    -Katelynn Rose -- This combo is expected, but pretty nonetheless.

    -Harlynn Marie -- I don't much care for Harlynn.

    -Isabella Rose -- See Katelynn Rose

    -Alice Eugenie -- This one is very unexpected. The names aren't my style, but they are really cute together!

    -Logan Nicole -- This combo sounds too masculine for my taste and I think Logan is too masculine in general for a girl. Alice Nicole would be cool!

    -Merida Marie -- Lovely combo! The alliteration is cool and both names are so beautiful!!

    -Sawyer Belle -- Wow, I love this one! Sawyer is a sweet name for a girl and Belle balances it perfectly.

    Hope that helps!
    Not expecting, just planning and building lists!

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    The only one I like is Alice Eugenie. The rest sound like made up names (Harlynn), don't flow well (Belle Rose, Merida Marie, Sawyer Belle), are boys names (Logan), or are way too popular (Ava, Isabella, Katelynn).
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    I love Harlynn Marie. Harlynn is such an uncommon name and slightly masculine sounding for a girl, but paired with Marie (soft and feminine) it's the perfect combination.

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