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  • Margot Eva

    13 76.47%
  • Margot Lindley

    4 23.53%
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    Middle Name for Margot- Poll

    Margot Eva (famiy name but feel like Eva may be overdone)
    Margot Lindley (I like the way it sounds plus there's a meadow with that name after one of our favorite spots, Golden Gate Park)

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    Of course, it depends on your surname but I do prefer Margot Eva. Family connection trumps liking a name because it sounds nice for me.

    BTW - I love Golden Gate Park. San Franciscans are fortunate to have such a place in their city.
    All the best,

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    I don't like the flow, but I prefer Margot Eva. Hate trendy sounding names like Lindly. I think Margot Eve or Margot Evelyn would flow better.

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    Margot Lindley flows better, in my opinion. And if there's a special meaning behind Lindley for you, such as a favorite spot, all the better! Margot Lindley is unique, and I like how the two names balance - Margot brings a feminine, exotic and Lindley is unisex, yet solid.
    Margot Eva is pretty, and while I do love family connections, the potential blurring between the end of the first name and the beginning of the middle name (MargotEva) makes it sound like a jumble when said a few times.
    Plus, the double vowel ending (o and a - MargOT EvA) is not as appealing to me.

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    Margot Eva is beautiful to me.
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