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    What does that make my childrens names?!

    So, RE the dear Katie Hopkins and the baby name row unfolding these last couple of days, I really want to know - What do you associate my childrens names with?

    When we picked them we didn't really have any criteria except we wanted them to be semi-classics, well-known, but not over used (when we picked our youngest son it WASN'T as used as it is now) and easy to spell and pronounce. That was it. But now I see more and more articles and interviews based on names and how they are perceived, especially by teachers. And it makes me wonder - how do you perceive my children's names?

    I don't mean in "overused", but as in class, personality, success... Like the dear Ms Hopkins and her "tyler and charmaine vs India and Maximillian" issues.

    Please be gentle xD

    They are:
    Tristan & Noah.

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    Tristan and Noah are both lovely names!
    Don't let Katie Hopkins question your name choices. Her opinion is irrelevant.
    They are both very handsome names and are underused. Good choices!
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    People are taking that woman's opinion WAAAY too seriously. She is obviously a nut, as evidenced by the interview. While there are a remote few who share her views, the vast majority of level-headed people do not.

    Being a teacher, I run into a lot of names. Like anyone, I find names that I like, dislike, and a few I find downright ridiculous. But I can honestly say I've NEVER judged a child based on their name.

    I find your children's names to be nice, solid names. Fairly par for the course as name trends go these days. I wouldn't bat a eye at seeing a Tristan or Noah on my caseload. Don't stress, the names you chose are fine!
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    Where I live, Tristan and Noah are both very used names, BUT they're still very nice names. As far as Katie Hopkins, she needs to gain some intelligence.
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    Tristan and Noah are ancient classics--they definitely stand the test of time, and they're among my favorites.

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