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    I like Bridget

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    While I have high esteem for Catherine, I'd go with Bridget as the first name. The combo Bridget Catherine would be wonderful.
    Mother of three teenagers: (1) Daniel Glen, (2) Timothy Austin, and (3) Rebecca Jane. All middle names honor family, with Jane used three generations in a row. (A second girl would have been Susanna Eve).

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    Catherine. So classic and beautiful, and lots of nn possibilities!

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    Catherine. More classic...which I love.

    I like the nickname Cate.

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    Bridget definitely. Birdie is an adorable nn, and I feel it's a stronger, more unique name, and has a beautiful meaning. Catherine/Katherine/Kathryn, etc, I can't stand. I have never met a nice one, and I think of catheters when I hear it. Unpleasant. It's numero uno on my Over My Dead Body list.

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