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    So bummed - my list has been destroyed due to popularity in my state...HELP!

    I don't know why I didn't do this sooner as I was just basing popularity on the national list. Most of my favorites were higher up on the list or as low as around #40, but considering the popularity of a name based on today's standards, I didn't think it meant that the names were THAT popular in the grand scheme of things. However, I checked my particular state and was blown away... A LOT of my top contenders are quite popular with several births in the past year!

    Here are the names that I may have to nix...

    Owen (which makes me think the similar-sounding Ewan should probably be out too)
    Benjamin (this one is no surprise, but still)

    The only name that I was really considering aside from these is Declan, but due to a friend who just recently had a son and nicknamed him Dax, we're concerned it's too close to our chosen nickname for Declan which is Dex.

    The only names left on my list that REALLY like were Miles/Milo, Lyle and Dean, but my husband is not a fan.

    Landon and Griffin nn Finn - too trendy? They're not on my state's list, but I feel like they still give off that vibe which I'm not liking. My husband isn't comfortable with Griffin anyway due to Family Guy, but we don't like Finley or Finnegan or Phineas and feel Finn is too... incomplete? And again, trendy..

    I can't find ANYTHING else I love... People have suggested Lachlan, Callum, Simon... They're great and they're on my short list, but I don't love them enough. I also have been suggested things like Frederick, Paul, Charles, Edwin... those are a little too "stuffy" for me.

    I'm just... at a loss. We want to get pregnant soon and we already have a daughter. We both have a strong feeling that our next will be a boy. I feel like I've been through every possible name and there's just nothing else. I want something familiar but not popular. Classy but not stuffy. Masculine but not over-the-top. Our daughter's name is Nora.

    HELP! :/
    Mama to Nora and Vivienne.

    IF there was a third...

    Zoe Athena
    Claire Athena
    Margot Athena

    Jasper James
    Dexter James
    Miles Jameson

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    I would just use one of the names you love, regardless of popularity.

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    If you really really love a name,I wouldn't give it up just yet. You have a bunch of excellent names on your list. I understand your hesitation for using a popular name,but it won't be this generation's John or Michael.

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    I have never actually met a little Ian. I have heard of one or two Sebastians in my area. The only ones that I find really popular are Owen, Lucas, and Benjamin. I would keep Ian, Sebastian, and Declan.

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    I'm going to echo the pp's in saying that if you really love a name you should use it! With that said, I know it can be devastating to learn just how popular your favorite names are. :/

    Here are some more ideas, not sure how popular these are where you are, but I figured I'd give it a shot:
    Not expecting, just planning and building lists!

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