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Thread: Twin boys

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    Twin boys

    Long time lurker here. DH and I have just started thinking about names for our twin boys, due in Sseptember. Actually I've been thinking about it for quite some time but he has only just started to "engage" recently.:roll:

    I like softer sounding names, but DH has made it clear that they must also be strong masculine names. We both want to use family names and my Welsh family history. Two names which have been handed down for some time are Ellis on DH's side and Attree on my side. We would also like to include grandfathers on both sides.

    So - these are the two front runners at the moment

    Rheon Ellis William C__ __r
    Hayes Attree Campbell C__ __r

    The 4 middle names are more or less set, but could be re-arranged, but we are open to other ideas for firsts.

    I'd appreciate any ideas or suggestions? Many thanks

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    What's the syllable count for the last name? 2? I'd try for differing syllables for each part of the name since it sounds kind of monotone with 2-2-2-2. I'd at least try to break it up some way. You may want to look at my lists on my signature to pique some of your ideas.
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