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    I get distressed about name popularity, too, so I understand if it's not really possible to go with it. Some of us have more name angst than others.

    I'd keep Declan on the list, as it's not indistinguishable from Dax by any means.

    If not Griffin, how about Griffith?

    Other names that might fit your criteria: Hugh, Hugo, Calder, Rowan, Logan (too popular in your area?), Booker, Dexter, Ivan, Morgan, Alastair/Alasdair/Alister, Cormac, Conall, Fenton/Fintan, Finnan, Fletcher, Ramsay, Ronan

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    I think you should keep the names on your list, even if they are popular. I grew up with a very popular name, and only ever knew one other girl with the same name. This may happen to your son. And even if there are a few others, that'll be okay. It's very unlikely there will be several in his class or on your block. You don't need to give him a name that absolutely no one he meets will have. And the most common names on your list (Lucas, Benjamin) are classics that people love and respect. Since you don't have something ridiculously popular on your list (Mason, Jayden, Noah), I think you should just stick with them. His personality will set him apart from others, so you might as well choose a name you love – you'll have to spend the rest of your life saying it

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    Quote Originally Posted by sllah View Post
    I had a popular name for my generation so it's not that easy for me to just go with a name I love if it's gaining too much popularity. I HATE having a popular name and I don't want my children to have to deal with it. Not to mention, in high school, I was almost beat up by a girl who thought I was the Stephanie who wrote her little sister a nasty note!
    Unless you use an -aden name or Mason, there aren't any names as popular in this generation as when we were growing up. Nothing anywhere near as popular.

    Use what you love, regardless of popularity.
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    Just piling on with everyone else saying don't give up on your names. I looked up which state Ian is currently the most popular in (Texas) and how many little boys got that name in 2012 vs. how many little girls were named Stephanie at the peak of Stephanie's popularity. 780 vs. 1,979. Texas has another ten million more people living there than in 1985 too, so those little Ians are even more spread out. It looks like Ian in 2012 is actually about as popular as Joel or Edward was in 1985.

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    Bravo! Thanks for looking at the popularity lists. It's sad really when you name your child Michael or Emily and from kindergarten to college and even at work they'll be Emily S. or Emily J. I'd look at the unusual names list and jot down a few that catches your eye. You definitely dodged a bullet there.

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