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    At the end of the day a name is just that. A name. The PERSON makes the name. You could just as easily have a frumpy blah conformist (to quote you) Chablis as an exciting nonconformist one of a kind Elizabeth.

    Btw. My brothers name is David. So in my opinion the world does need another David. And he's one of the most amazing men I know.
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    I think you either want to start some controversy or you don't know your audience very well.

    Personally, I think that Michael and John are wonderful choices for boys. On a boy I much prefer a classic, storied, simple, masculine name to Milo or Rykker or something that wasn't in the top 1000 till recently. I think Alexander is great. David is not for me, but all of these "boring" choices like Charles, Henry, Peter, are so great imo.

    My personal tastes are more adventurous for girl names, but I would so much rather meet Anne or Sarah than Elliette & Shaela...just cause a name is worn by many others doesn't mean that a girl can't make it her own.

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    1. A person isn't defined by their given name.

    2. Not all people use their children's given names as a way to express their own sense of originality, importance imagination, or personal taste. Many parents prefer to give their children a name that's versatile, solid, and pratical or with strong (family, religious, personal) significance.

    3. Most of the names you listed would be positively unexpected and original on a child nowadays.
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    There’s a book called Why Be Happy When You Can Be Normal? Some people just want a name that can be anything. Others want it because they project no specific personality. Some are sick of fashion or fed up with fads. Why ask if it’s chic? Perhaps all the creativity and invention with names is taking its toll on them. Sure they’re a little flat-footed and prefer being just common. No-frills classics fill that need for redundant visibility and ready-made significance ideal to the average. Despite some unfortunate personal comments, I feel that baby naming is often taken too seriously and borders on a unyielding solemnity. With little to no style, I believe still they are the new John and Mary.
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    If you've actually read Jeanette Winterson's fabulous book I find it weird that you would be so judgmental.
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