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    So Far Out, They're In

    Having browsed through the No Boy/Girl May Be Cool Enough For lists, I honestly think the following names are very useable:

    Archibald – full name of the now popular Archie
    Burton – Hollywood actor name revisited or a nod to a surf company
    Seymour – noble last name that’s ready to be dusted off
    Stanley – another noble last name that has great nickname possibilities

    Beaulah – secretly always loved this name
    Doris – Hollywood namesake ready for a comeback
    Edna – along the Ada resurgence and great nickname Edie
    Ethel – retro classic
    Gertrude – Shakespearean and Gerty is a great nickname
    Helga – why not?
    Hortense – could only go up from here
    Irma – Irmy is a possible cute nickname
    Joyce – a nod to a Joy in the family
    Phyllis – now even used in soap operas
    Shirley – another Hollywood classic

    I’m the sort of person that thinks even Chablis could be workable. What other names off such forbidden lists could be diamonds in the rough? Your reasons why would be greatly appreciated.
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    Archibald – My mother chose an uncommon, difficult surname as a first name for her firstborn to avoid using this name.
    BurtonTim Burton? As in Nightmare Before Christmas? As in AWESOME CONTAINED IN A PERSON? Yes, this is acceptable.
    Seymour – See More!
    Stanley – Ruined for my generation because of Holes.

    Beaulah – Boolah? Byoolah? I don't like B names, so...
    Doris – No.
    Edna – You are ELASTAGIRL! PULL-YOURSELF-TOGETHER! Go, confront the problem! Fight! WIN!
    Ethel – Drops like a rock at the end there.
    Eunice – Youness.
    GertrudeGerty is NOT great nickname. Maybe GG, and I could accept Trudy/Rudy.
    Helga – BECAUSE WE CAN!
    Hortense – Horticulture... Tense... Tense... Horticulture...O_o?
    Irma – The current internet sensation of ERMAGERD eliminates this completely.
    Joyce – I love this name because Anne of Green Gables.
    Phyllis - THE OFFICE.
    ShirleyDon't call me Shirley!
    I'm not feeling incredibly profound at the moment. Check back later.

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    Quote Originally Posted by celianne View Post
    Stanley – Ruined for my generation because of Holes.
    Eugh yeah. We had to read Holes for GCSE. I didn't like it much. Stanley Yelnats... really? "-_-

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    fiammetta Guest
    I definitely think the names listed below are usable:
    Archibald - although I named my axolotl this almost 3 years ago. He goes by Archie however. His name definitely suits him in my opinon. Archie is such a cute nickname!
    Burton - I love Tim Burton, I think this would be a great middle name.
    Stanley - It's growing on me, and I have been seeing it more and more.
    Ethel - Especially after Lily Allen used it.
    Hortense - Sort of a GP of mine.
    Irma - This is one of my great-grandma's middle names. I don't like it, but seeing on my gg (a wonderful lady by the way), it feels usable to me.
    Joyce - I don't like it, but I have been seeing it lately. My first association is Joyce Summers from BtVS.

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    Stanley ranks at #80 here in England & Wales, so I definitely think it's usable. Archibald is in the top 700, and Archie is in the top 30.

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