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    Daenerys would be better; a really cute name to honor a Daniel. It seems just as ridiculous as naming your baby after a Star Trek alien name or Queenie.
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    I kind of understand how it transitioned into an actual name.
    Khalil and Kahlila are similar enough, I knew people with these names (from separate families) growing up and Khalil has been in the top 1000 for at least 2 decades now.

    Khaleesi is maybe a fresher version of these names?

    NB Don't get me wrong I intensely dislike all these names.

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    Quote Originally Posted by annalynne View Post
    I've been seeing this name a lot lately and its one that really just grinds my gears so to speak.

    For everyone who doesn't watch/read game of thrones/a song of ice and fire, Khaleesi is an invented word, which is the Dothraki (made up language) equivalent of 'queen'. The Khaleesi, is the female ruler of the 'khalasar' (their tribe, essentially.)

    A lot of people seem to think Khaleesi is the name of Emilia Clarke's character, but really it is just the title she is given when she marries the king, or 'Khal'. Her character's actual name is Daenerys, or Dany.

    Now, if you know all this already, and most of you do I expect, (I see a lot of GoT pictures/names on here) and you still want to name your child Khaleesi, then go wild, all the power to you.

    I just think when using a name that is created for a show/book/movie/ whatever, you should know the background, because everyone will always associate that name with it, whether or not you do.
    I think Khaleesi is awful, for several reasons.

    1. This series is garbage. I read the first 4 novels and concluded that George RR Martin smokes crack. One day, IF we are lucky, an abridged version of this series might come out and be decent reading.

    2. Linguistically speaking George RR Martin is NOT talented, I think his invented character/place names are contrived and unconvincing.

    3. Anyone who has read the series knows that Khaleesi is an honorary name; for somebody to not know that and name their child after it is really sad IMHO.

    And for the record, I am seriously considering an LOTR name as a MN for a daughter. But Tolkien is in a class of his own and completed his work with integrity.
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    Well... Khaleesi sounds cool and looks pretty, so I get the appeal. But not for a kid. Why?
    1. It's not a name. I don't mean it was made up; some made up names are decent. I mean it's literally not a name. It's a title.
    2. It's a not-name (aka title) in a trendy book/tv series, even if the show is a total gp of mine. So when the trend dies, your kid is stuck with the name.
    3. Naming a kid after the literal title of a ruler seems ... too much somehow. Not sure if I mean pretentious or just way too much burden/expectations for the kid
    Conclusion: Use Khaleesi - it's awesome. Use it to name the cat. Or the dog. But preferably the cat. Because, lets face it, people, cats just know they are the queens of our households. See, the name's a perfect fit

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    Quote Originally Posted by thefuturemrsb View Post
    My DH decided he wanted a direwolf after watching the show. He found a created breed of dog based after the extinct North American direwolf and has decided he wants one named Ghost desperately.
    That reminds me of how my teenage sister keeps telling me she wants a Night Fury* for Christmas. I tell her I'll see what I can do. A direwolf would be pretty awesome, though. I'd have to name mine Nymeria, after Arya's direwolf (which never showed up again for some reason).

    *From How to Train Your Dragon.

    More on topic, I'm not really sure how I feel about Khaleesi as a name, since it is just a title (why won't people use Danaerys?). I'm not super annoyed since I've yet to actually meet one, but I can see both GOT/ISOIAF superfans and people who just heard/saw it somewhere using it for the "coolness" factor.

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