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    My DH decided he wanted a direwolf after watching the show. He found a created breed of dog based after the extinct North American direwolf and has decided he wants one named Ghost desperately.

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    I think it helps that Khaleesi is close to some real names, like Calise/Kelis and Kalea

    Daenerys seems more name-worthy

    Fox * Rohan * Jade * Shea * Blaise * Greer
    Lotus * Noor * Tallulah * Jasper * Linden * Arden

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    Aside from the Game of Thrones reference, I don't like the name itself. It reminds me of Parcheesi. You could go with something kind of similar like Callista, maybe?

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    Apparently, Khalessi is a surname - Persian/Iranian I believe.
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    Feel free to ask me about Sanskrit-based names.

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    I don't have a big problem with it, but my husband thinks it is weird and he's been reading the series since the '90s. I think it is easier to pronounce than Daenerys, and although it means "queen" I don't have a problem with that since it's not English. I wouldn't personally use it though because it will probably be trendy and it would sound horrible with our last name. But I would also use Arwen so call me crazy...or a supernerd. (Perhaps because my name is Amity and I was never bothered by the Amityville thing, I don't see a problem with many unique names that most people think are too out there)

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