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Thread: Petal!

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    I think Petal is so sweet! I can imagine it on a giggling baby and a quirky little old lady, so I think it ages just fine.

    I like Petal Marielle best from your list, I think, followed closely by Petal Genevieve. All of your options are very nice. I think think Petal Rosalind is a little too flowery, but it's not bad...I just think it has a better balance with a non-flowery name (though Petal Marguerite really appeals to me because daisy petal would be a cute, kinda subtle combo meaning.)

    I like double middles sometimes, but not really in this case...especially not with True or Bliss. Both are great names but I just think Petal is enough of a "word name" for one combo, you know? Adding Bliss or True makes it get kinda overly cutesy. I do like the idea of something like Petal Isadora Jane of Petal Marielle Claire.

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    Quote Originally Posted by niftylavalamp View Post
    I think Petal is so sweet! I can imagine it on a giggling baby and a quirky little old lady, so I think it ages just fine
    Yes, I can see that too. But can you see it on a 30-something CEO? That's where I can't see it and what I meant about aging well. But it was just my opinion.

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    Petal Isadora is my favorite of the list. I dislike Petal Marielle cause of the double L sound endings, to me it just makes the name flop. I am not as into the double middles with Petal cause for me, Petal is a standout choice & shines well enough alone. Petal Geneiveve is my 2nd choice.

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    @-niftylavalamp: thank you! I really like how you suggested Petal Isadora Jane. We may want to start a double middle tradition that is why we have names with two middles. So suggestions for that is great!

    @-gabriela: I am not worried about that because who knows if my child wants to become a corporate girl or she may want to run her own business like me. I don't think a name defines someone. I have half sleeve forearm tattoos and its done tastefully so people love them and still take me as a serious business owner.

    @taz- thank you!!! Petal Isadora is my favorite one middle name combo and Genevieve is my boyfriends.
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    Petal Isadora and Petal Anastasia are my favorites!
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