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    Oh God.. I thought this one was a joke at first! I was sure NO ONE would name their kid this, but its on their FB page and I've seen the birth announcements + other ppl saying it on said FB page, so its got to be true (or an elaborate scam!)

    Woman had two girls: Princess DKNY (that's Dikini, as bikini with D) and Babydoll .. oh what was the other one.. it was a perfume name! Gucci, Dior.. something like that!

    She explained: Their first name is her ASPIRATIONS for her children (Princess, Babydoll) and the second is her favourite perfume!

    I HOPING its just some pretty weird "cover" names for privacy reason...! I'm not convinced!

    Another one is a mum who used to live on the same street as me - her eldest was in my eldest babygroup and although she was a perfectly pleasant girl, her name taste was pretty... questionable! She had three daughters: Shakira, Beyonce & Rhianna - I met her about 6-8 months ago and she was pregnant with a boy who she claimed was going to be called Tinchy! I'm hoping not O_O

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    There is a child named Talon at my daughter's school. I think parents who do this think they are being cool, or it's a great joke, and they fail to think about the child. Little Rainbow might grow up to be very smart and go a long way, so don't write her off because mom and dad are a bit different in their naming ideas. I knew a Timber Wulff whose siblings all had normal names. I think her mom regretted giving in to her husband's sense of humor. I haven't seen her in years, as we moved away, but I wonder if she's considering changing her name*. I went to school with a Meadow Starchild. She loved her first name, but her middle name had to go. She was waiting for her 18th birthday to change it legally to something less out there.

    *There are a few teenage nameberries who indicate they are looking to rename themselves. I often wonder if she's one of them.


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    Oops - forgot to add one of my daughter's classmates is named Dizzy. Not Desmond, or something else you could use Dizzy as a nickname for, just Dizzy. Not a name I would give a child, but maybe his parents are fans of Dizzy Gillespie? His name was actually John according to wikipedia


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    I think part of the problem is that some people live too close to Hollywood & some people live too far.

    Talon is a cute boy name.
    Rainbow is a stripper name.
    There has to be a happy medium.

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    I can't see a Doctor Rainbow Smith. Or a lawyer, politician, but she could be a meteorologist. But jokes aside, Rainbow is a name that could hinder her when she tries to get a job. It's not a name that once sounded ridiculous twenty years ago but now is totally accepted in society (i.e. Jayden, Piper). It's still going to be a cause of pain for her. Rainbow looks like a name that a girl on Sixteen and Pregnant or Teen Moms would name their daughter (or Jamie Oliver).

    The worst appellation I know personally is a MyKenzie. No, it's not said like Mackenzie, it's said like My Kenzie. She's fourteen and despises it for its childish feel (I only hear a mom calling it out to a five year old) and pronunciation/spelling issues. She plans to change it to Mackenzie.
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