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    Stuck on a baby boy!

    Hi Everyone,

    First time posting here but I have been obsessed with Nameberry since I discovered it a few weeks after I found out we were pregnant. My husband and I are waiting to find out the gender of our little one but fell in love with the name Finley for a girl early on. We have been back and forth on boy names and feel like we just haven't found "the one". Now with just 11 weeks to go and a boy list a mile long I am starting to feel the pressure. I feel like I have scoured every website and exhausted all resources...except reaching out to you.

    For an idea of the names we are considering, names that we both like are Roan/Rowan, Jacob (too popular though), Lucas (although he hates that I will want to shorten it to Luca), Logan, Elias, Silas, Owen, Wyatt, Liam (too popular).

    Names that I love but that he has vetoed include Callum, Peter, Mason, Kade/Kaiden, Holden, Archer, & Benjamin.
    Names that he likes that I just can't see us using include Asher, Lincon, Raiden, Ronin, & Ethan.

    Our last name is pronounced Kooling, so the first name can't end in a K sound as the names will run together. His mom really wants us to call the baby Issac...just can't do it, not going to happen.

    We haven't even gotten to middle names yet. Although our family names include Campbell, Marshall, Matthew, McMillan, Battrum, John, Robert, Wilber (I am not married to the idea of including a family name if it doesn't work though).

    Please PLEASE help us come up with a first name or first-middle combo!

    Thank you!

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    I think Finley and Rowan/Roan are pretty perfectly matched! They are both unisex names of Irish/Scottish origin... I prefer Roan for a boy, Rowan for a girl! As Finley is so unisex I would be inclined to pick either another unisex name or something Hyper masculine... Wyatt fits the hyper masculine bill for me or something like Wolfe. I also like the idea of keeping the Irish/Scottish theme.. Other ideas....
    Ludo/Ludovic (instead of Lucas)
    Declan (love Finley and Declan!)

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    I agree with fluzie. I would go more masculine/Irish. Here are a few more:


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    Thanks! My ancestry is Irish/Scottish and my husband's is English/Scottish so the Irish/Scottish theme fits for us! The last few days Rowan/Roan have really been growing on us and Wyatt is an old fav. I loooooove Declan and Cormac but my husband doesn't like them. We have a good friend who's son is named Connor, so that is out too.

    What first name-middle name combos would you suggest?

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