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    It's ok. It's one of those names that reminds me of my moms friends...Linda Cheryl Susan Brenda Tammy and Carla all have the same "feel" to me. Its a decent name just dated...I think the hundred year rule will apply.

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    I think it's the hard C that throws people off. If you chop it off, you get Arla, which sounds a lot softer and more graceful. I'm fine with the name though. Carla is cute, it is a little dated, but then again, I like the name Monty. I say go for it.
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    I really like Carla, although I'm not a fan of Carly / Carlie, which sounds much more dated to me. I think Carla would be adorable and refreshing on a little girl, and is a strong enough name to carry her through to adulthood.
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    I think Carla is still deemed as "dated" and that's why it's being called unfashionable. I picture a little diva in a puffy lace dress, it's not really my favorite. I think if I saw it on a little girl now I would think differently.
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    In some accents the "AR" combination is very, very harsh sounding. It could be that comments are coming from people who have heard this? In general, Carla just isn't all soft and flowy like all the top names right now - Sophia, Ava, Emily, Mia, Emma, etc. The most "harsh" sound you can find in the Top 10 belong to Isabella, Elizabeth, though you can't really count Z and B as sharp sounds at all -- and the D in Madison, which is lessened by the softness of the rest of the name. Anyway, I would say that to the ear accustomed to hearing soft/flowy names, Carla just flies in the face of fashion. There's nothing wrong with the name, it's just that it's the fashion equivalent of wearing a structured jacket suit in a season when everyone has on a flowy sundress.

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