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    I absolutely love Blythe Lavender!
    Mom to Rusha, Tarek, and Naseem

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    Am I the only one unable to say Blythe Stuckey gracefully? :blush:

    Blythe Caraway Stuckey
    Blythe Calantha Stuckey
    Blythe Susannah Stuckey
    Blythe Zahara Stuckey
    Blythe Rosemary Stuckey
    Blythe Cassia Stuckey
    Blythe Linnea Stuckey
    Blythe Liana Stuckey
    Blythe Melia Stuckey
    Blythe Viola Stuckey
    Blythe Violette Stuckey

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    @ Mei mei It's hard to say anything Stuckey very gracefully, but that's what we've got to work with.

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    My first thought was

    Blythe Anemone

    closely followed by

    Blythe Celandine
    Blythe Aster (strikes me as achingly cool and nineteen twenties retro)
    Blythe Marguerite

    I would avoid anything with a y or long i sound as it is too much with the long y in Blythe.

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    I like Blythe Marigold and I am very fond of the flower Jessamine - but not the initials BJ. I like Mirabel but don't find it especially botanical.

    I adore the name Blythe.

    Other possibilities I especially like:
    Blythe Magnolia
    Blythe Marguerite
    Blythe Zinnia
    Blythe Veronica
    Blythe Viola
    Blythe Azalea
    Blythe Calanthe (a kind of orchid)
    Blythe Amaryllis

    I do like other ones but tried to keep to 3 syllables for flow.

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